NEW PSA: "Don't Flush Magnets"

2011-01-19 15:30:39 by DestructoBox

As many of you news savvy folk have surely heard, animals are randomly dying by the 1000s all over the world. Destructo Box has partnered with C.A.M.F. to spread awareness and educate you on how to do your part.

Check out our latest submission: DON'T FLUSH MAGNETS



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2011-01-19 15:35:46

What about eating magnets and shitting them out?

(Updated ) DestructoBox responds:

Thats fine. Your digestive system absorbs all magnetism before it is excreted.

Also you'd probably die.


2011-01-20 04:47:21

are you cereal?


2011-01-20 22:10:17

I love how the voice acting was humorously fake and how the opening of the short depicted a scene that was supposed to seem realistic although it was quite likely to never happen.

DestructoBox responds:

I like butter on bread.


2011-01-20 22:54:17

This was very funny.Everybody Edits is very fun.i love these litle flash movies please make more of them. p.s. duck


2011-01-20 22:58:45

p.s. I always love to play flash videos