Entry #71

New Podcast Feed

2013-04-04 14:45:32 by DestructoBox

After months of fighting with iTunes about them accidentally deleting our podcast feed, we've finally relaunched with a new podcast. THE EXPLOSOMAGICO PODCAST NETWORK is now live. One feed, multiple shows. All stupid. Listen. Or don't. It's cool.


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New Podcast Feed


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2013-04-04 15:15:40

Any plans of new Destructo box? Haven't seen you guys in a while.

DestructoBox responds:

Yeah, we actually have 4 episodes in various states of work right now. We took a DB hiatus last year to make 13 episodes of a show called "Game Program Attack". It was nice for the sake of variety \to try some other stuff out for bit. We've got it all collected in playlists on our youtube page if you're interested.


2013-04-04 19:37:25

Did Phil need stitches for his butt after santa raped him?


2013-04-04 23:05:24

Haha, you guys are funny, keep up the podcasts.


2013-04-05 03:28:20

That explains it


2013-08-02 09:04:59

Hm, not getting a pulse here....