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New Podcast Feed

2013-04-04 14:45:32 by DestructoBox

After months of fighting with iTunes about them accidentally deleting our podcast feed, we've finally relaunched with a new podcast. THE EXPLOSOMAGICO PODCAST NETWORK is now live. One feed, multiple shows. All stupid. Listen. Or don't. It's cool.

Back to BattleBlock Theater.

New Podcast Feed


2012-04-02 17:58:22 by DestructoBox

The Destructo Boxcast #11 is up on our podcast feed!
Download it and listen or whatever!


Boxcast #9

2012-01-20 13:17:47 by DestructoBox

The latest episode of our podcast THE DESTRUCTO BOXCAST is up.
#9 - Time Twinkie Police.

Subscribe and rate/review if you're feeling saucy.


Halloween Results

2011-11-27 06:11:14 by DestructoBox

Thanks for all the votes and reviews everyone! Mystery Meats placed in the top 10 for the Halloween competition this year! We promise next year's entry will be even more fucked up then Mystery Meats.

In other news, we're working on compression for the new episode. Hope to have it up soon!



2011-10-30 13:41:16 by DestructoBox

Hey Everyone!

Our new episode "MYSTERY MEATS" is now on the portal! We finally get to meet the landlord of the apartment, and then there's some pubes or whatever.

Happy Holloween!

- DB


2011-10-11 16:30:42 by DestructoBox

We asked on our facebook page what people wanted to see on our youtube vlog.

Here you go!

Chad "Bear Warrior" Quandt stopped by Joey's for a quick recording session. We decided to break out the flip cam and shoot a little of the behind the scenes magic.




2011-07-28 12:22:56 by DestructoBox

Hey everyone!
A new episode, DAS BOOTY, has been posted to the portal.

If you were curious about the mysterious little green guy in STRIP TEASED, be sure to check it out!
...especially if you like weird bondage stuff.

Also don't forget to check out THE DESTRUCTO BOXCAST on itunes! Its free!


NEW EPISODE: Strip Teased

2011-06-16 14:24:43 by DestructoBox

At long last our pseudo follow up to BEAR WARRIOR has been posted to the portal!

Check out STRIP TEASED and let us know what you think!

- DB

PS. Episode 2 of our podcast is posted! We chat with Chad, aka Bear Warrior. !!

New Podcast! New Episodes! Updates!

2011-05-28 15:58:25 by DestructoBox

First off, we're very excited to finally debut the DESTRUCTO BOXCAST, (CLICK HERE) which is now available on iTunes! Subscribe. Its totally free. We had a great time on the first episode and look forward to doing more. If you're a fan of awkward pauses and segment jingles, you'll feel right at home.

Show updates!

A string of new content looms on the horizon. A long lost episode (nearly completed last december and shelved for a few months while we worked on other things) will finally see the light of day in a few weeks. Be sure to watch "Bear Warrior" beforehand to fully appreciate it ;)

We also have 2 HUGE episodes in the works. One entering editing and one beginning animation. Not only are they both longer then most of our episodes to date, they also serve a very important purpose: introducing some new secondary (permanent) characters in Joey and Phil's apartment. While these new guys won't be in every episode, we're really excited to finally expand Joey and Phil's home and what doors that will open for stories.

See you all soon!